Essential Live Drums
You’ve just discovered something very cool. The Essential Live Drums collection is 0.98GB of professionally recorded live acoustic drums, cymbals and percussion. It features a massive amount of loops and fills across a wide range of BPMs and styles, plus high-quality one-shots so you can produce whatever we haven’t already covered. If you’ve been hunting for a well-balanced library of acoustic drum sounds, this is definitely one to check out. It comes with a wide array of clear live recordings that can be used as is or manipulated and processed to also fit heavier or more experimental styles of music.  As with all Ghosthack sounds, every sample in this collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So go forth and produce wit confidence!
€24.95* €49.95* (50.05% saved)
Grand Sonata No.1 - Keys & Strings
Enter a world of majestic sound and deep emotional impact with Grand Sonata No. 1 – Keys and Strings. Featuring immaculate full stem construction kits across 55 projects and 360+ additional one-shot samples so you can continue to build around these themes in any direction you’re inspired to take them. And making original compositions with these samples is truly rewarding. Violin, cello and piano are an amazing ensemble to work with, and these meticulous recordings make it very inspiring and easy to do. Adding orchestral depth to a dynamic soundscape is easy with these sounds. Each recording has been professionally mixed to work well in your projects without any hassle. Grand Sonata No. 1 – Keys and Strings is intended to make your production workflows a bit more streamlined while helping to keep your arrangements organic and moving. Weighing in at a whopping 2.92GB, Grand Sonata No. 1 delivers high-quality themes for a wide variety of genres, from action and adventure to mystery and romance and all points in between. We think you’ll find this collection to be quite satisfying and hope you continue to return to this pack again and again for many years to come. All files contained in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. This is the Ghosthack way!
€39.95* €49.95* (20.02% saved)
Guitar Loops & One-Shots
The extraordinary “Guitar Loops and One-Shots” pack comes with 181 unique and characteristic guitar sounds from acoustic as well as electric guitar. If you want to add a personal and incomparable sound to your production with the help of professional guitarists with many years of experience and training, then this pack is exactly for you! The guitar is an incredibly unique instrument that can be used in a variety of genres including pop, rock, folk, indie, electro, disco, and many others. We have therefore decided to give the instrument its own stage so that it can be used in a wide variety of excellent productions. The pack contains Loops recorded at 90-150BPM in the keys of Amaj, Amin, Bbmaj, Emaj, Fmaj, and Gbmin, and many more keys – enabling you to create outstanding tracks with the help of rhythmic elements, licks, arpeggios, and riffs from both acoustic and electric guitar. Furthermore special and distinctive One-Shots give your sound the transitions and effects it needs. The 358 MB sound pack contains only 100% royalty-free sounds, which can be utilized for all your commercial projects.
€14.95* €29.95* (50.08% saved)
Guitar Sounds
This royalty free sound pack includes a wide variety of different guitar sounds: From acoustic guitars to distorted electro ones, funk, jazz and soul guitars as well as guitar slides and ambiences and textures. You will find sad and emotional sounds and strummed guitar loops as well in this huge pack. All sounds were recorded live and post-processed with great care. Beside lots of guitar one-shots and loops this sound pack also includes 5 full song kits which are separated into their drum, lead, build-up and fx parts. All samples are labelled by key and BPM to guarantee ease of use, so you can drop your favourite guitar sounds into your chosen DAW and go!
€17.95* €37.95* (52.7% saved)
Keys & Strings
We are proud to present this thoughtful and dramatic masterpiece collection of professionally composed piano and string ensembles. Keys and Strings delivers rich and stirring performances sure to bring any production to life in meaningful ways. It also includes one-shot samples for each of the instruments and ensembles heard in the 1.25GB of incredible loops, which provide amazing inspiration and direction to help you get started producing memorable music. You won’t find many sample collections like this one elsewhere! Keys and Strings is intended to make dramatic ensemble scoring accessible to everyone, and we think it has everything you need to start composing high-quality music worthy of being featured in historical and modern dramas alike on platforms such as BBC, Netflix, etc. All without having to break the bank. We know exactly what you need to produce in this space. Add a touch of class and culture in an instant with these impressive samples and never worry about performing rights, as every sound included is 100% royalty-free!
€19.95* €49.95* (60.06% saved)
Keys & Strings Volume 2
We are proud to introduce you to Keys and Strings Vol. 2, every bit as good as the first installment, and yet so much more to explore. Every instrument recording featured in this breathtaking collection was captured live in real performances! So if you’ve been looking for a truly organic aesthetic for your projects, we think you’ll enjoy what you hear in this pack. Weighing in at 1.23 GB, Keys and Strings Vol. 2 is a comprehensive collection featuring performances across multiple BPMs and themes. With both full mix and individual stems, plus one-shot samples of the instruments, you will have complete control over how you use these files. Simply load the one-shots into your favorite sampler to begin composing around the themes presented or create something entirely new using authentic sounds. Adding intimate, small chamber orchestral depth to your projects doesn’t require complex tools or ridiculous price tags. And we are happy to help provide access to this and countless other incredible titles here for you to explore. It can be tough to stand out sometimes, but Ghosthack makes it easier with these small curated libraries that focus on quality and authenticity. And you can trust that every sound in our packs are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So you can produce with confidence, knowing you’re working with something special.
€29.95* €49.95* (40.04% saved)
Summer Night Funk
And keep it going all night with Summer Night Funk, our latest foray into the upbeat bootie-shaking world of old school funk music. Get the classic sound of super bands that make grooves so infectious, so downright nasty that you simply cannot keep yourself still. With our enormous collection of live recorded sax, trumpet, bass and electric guitar as well as drums and percussion, you have everything you need to start composing truly memorable songs. Not only does Summer Night Funk feature over 370 loops across 6 categories, but it also delivers corresponding one-shots so you can take complete control over the delivery and every last detail of the sounds you like best. At 1.41GB, this is a truly comprehensive deep dive into one of the most fun genres of music to produce, and it captures the live essence of the performance, which is what makes funk so unbeatable. All performances featured in this outstanding collection are 100% royalty-free and guaranteed clear for use in your projects. Go forth and get down, with confidence.
€29.95* €49.95* (40.04% saved)