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Abstract Drums


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This Soundkit Includes a Total of 1,200 One-Shots & Loops.

Demo Track 1
Demo Track 2
Dubstep Loop 2
Foley Loop 2
DNB Loop
Foley Percussion 4
Foley Percussion 1
Demo Track 4
Dubstep Loop 1
Ambient Foley Loop
Demo Track 3
Foley Percussion 5
Foley Percussion 2
Foley Percussion 3
Foley Snare 1
Foley Snare 2
Foley Loop 1
Foley Ambient


We proudly present "Abstract Drums", a huge collection of recorded and processed foley samples as well as decent drum one-shots and loops.

We made an outdoor journey to record the most abstract things like flight cases, chrome pipes, bits of wood, cans, cardboard, glass, floating water and other strange things. We processed these sounds a lot, granulated, repitched and layered them to make really interesting and outstanding. We also included a wide variety of drum one-shots as well as many drum loops and stems.

So, now we could present you an immense drum library featuring an astonishing amount of 626 foley one-shots, ambient foley hits, over 300 drum one-shots, drum Loops, foley/percussion loops, foley SFX, hat loops, pulsating foley loops and tamborine loops. This package has an unpacked size of 1.41 GB content.

The included loops range between 90 and 172 BPM.

Every one-shot sample is available as a dry as well as a wet version with some reverb.

Product Contents

  • Foley One-Shots
    • 263 Dry Foley Perc Hits
    • 263 Wet Foley Perc Hits
    • 66 Ambient Foley Hits
    • 16 Foley SFX
  • Drum One-Shots
    • 100 Hi-Hats
    • 60 Kicks
    • 60 Snares
    • 40 Foley Snares
    • 32 Perucssions
    • 16 Claps
  • Loops & STEMs
    • 157 Foley Perc Loops
    • 49 Pulsating Foley Loops
    • 15 Full Drum Loops
    • 61 Drum Stems
    • 11 Hat Loops
    • 6 Tamborine Loops


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"Abstract Drums" works for every DAW & Sampler.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.