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With Over 650 Samples of Twisted Sound-Design Excellence

Dark Atmospherics Volume 2


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  • Contains 2.32GB of One-Shots and Loops for Music and Media Productions
  • 100% Royalty Free
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Enhance Your Next Creation With Sinister Atmosphere

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Shifting Your World Around - Yet Leaving You Craving More!

Dark Atmospherics 2 is a mysterious and seemingly endless journey into the deepest corners of cutting-edge sound design and immersive ambience that will leave you feeling altered, and wanting more. It’s a unique opportunity to have access to this level of sonic excellence when working on your own projects. Do not miss out!

Whether you are looking for a point of inspiration to begin something new or you need a few memorable embellishments to push your work over the edge, Dark Atmospherics 2 delivers, and then just keeps going. With a staggering 2.32GB of content, there are simply no bad sounds to be found. Every loop and one-shot meets the highest standard of excellence set when volume one was released earlier this year.

You’ll enjoy a massive loop collection of lush atmospheres, throbbing basslines, immersive drones, enchanting melodics, creative rhythmics, lively textures and crunchy toppers. Plus you get one-shots across all of those categories, as well as FX and Impacts. Complete control over every sound is guaranteed with Dark Atmospherics 2.

Every sound in this collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared to be used in your commercial projects! So you can work freely and with confidence.

Product Contents

    • 50 Atmospheres
    • 50 Bass Hits
    • 51 Short Drones
    • 52 Sound FX
    • 30 Impacts
    • 46 Melodic One-Shots

    • 50 Percussion Hits
    • 30 Textures
    • 30 Top Hits
    • 50 Atmospheres (90 - 120 BPM)
    • 30 Basslines (90 - 120 BPM)
    • 51 Drones

    • 46 Melodic Loops (90 - 120 BPM)
    • 50 Percussion Loops (90 - 120 BPM)
    • 30 long Textures
    • 30 Top Loops (90 - 120 BPM)
    • Total Files: 656
    • Total Size: 2.32 GB


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The included 24bit 44.1kHz .wav files can be used with every DAW, sampler, audio or video editing software.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.