Phase Plant Essentials
No doubt, because somebody surely had to sell his soul to conceive and realize Phase Plant, a software synth that is effectively a modular sandbox for constructing custom instruments from scratch. Some already call it the next level in original sample synthesis, as powerful as any VST-plugin you can lay your hands on these days. They may be right. Now if Phase Plant really is that sound designers soaking wet dream, then our Phase Plant Essentials package makes sure you can turn it into reality. From grimy basses to intoxicating trance or synthwave leads as well as abstract pads, from futuristic efflorescence to sharp FX and moog nostalgia, it's all in here for you to grapple with. Carefully designed by the marvelous Black Marvin, those 200+ presets cover a wide sonic potential to give you the chance of exploring many different genres and styles. Included are also some demo sounds to give you quick first impressions from the get-go. Not just because of the super flexible modulation section -you can truly control any parameter capable of receiving modulation with any knob and twizzle that generates a modulation source- but above all because of its ingenious simplicity. Where most of the top-notch software synths swamp you with several parameter pages, Phase Plant fits almost everything you need in a sleekly designed single-window user interface, displaying powerful synthesis, sampling tools and a well-equipped wavetable editor. So you have the best of two worlds: sheer endless possibilities and yet a quick sense of achievement, which results in one of the most fun and inspiring tools for music makers out there - a true competitor to Serum and other plugins on the market. Extreme times require extreme solutions, and this is one of them.
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