Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 3
Prepare yourself for another incredibly satisfying journey through the wide world of found sounds in Ultimate Foley Sounds 3! Featuring 32 new objects that have been recorded in a variety of ways! There are 674 perfectly isolated textures in total, and the entire collection weighs in at more than 1.8GB. This eclectic grab bag of fun is an absolute must-have for anyone who works with Foley or just enjoys using found sounds in music. Inside you will find wood, plastic, metal, liquid, foliage, musical instruments, natural and urban ambiences, shaking, rattling, bubbling, splashing, crunching, crumbling, clanging and even vibrating oddities that can all be used in endless ways. The variety of textures in Ultimate Foley Sounds 3 is inspiring! And the quality of the recordings is superb. All sounds in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects! Be sure to check out the first three volumes in this series, too. The entire collection really is top notch.
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Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX
Repurposing everyday, ordinary sounds as sound effects is the general idea of Foley art. Transforming these types of sounds entirely into cinematic SFX is the next evolutionary step. It’s also one of the most enjoyable parts of sound design for movies, video games and television shows. Our Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX collection gives you access to truly incredible abstract textures, immersive ambiences, compelling transition effects, unique organic impacts and more. Featuring 100 expertly crafted sound design elements, these cinematic SFX are derived from household and junkyard objects, intricate mechanisms and noise producing oddities of various sorts. That’s the magic! The audience doesn’t ever really know what it is that they are hearing. Just that it has made it impossible to look away from what was just brought to life with these memorable, mind-bending sounds. Tension, grit, unsettling, inviting, riveting, suspenseful, otherworldly, isolation, chaos... Whatever the mood and aesthetic you are trying to conjure, the Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX collection has something for you. These sounds might be heard in Hollywood movies or Netflix originals, but they are 100% Ghosthack and entirely royalty-free. That means that they are already cleared for use in your projects!
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Ambio - Field Recordings & Foley FX
Get ready for a very satisfying new collection of must-have sounds! Ghosthack Ambio features a wide variety of foley sounds and field recordings served up both dry and wet, in a bunch of different ways. Some are downright intoxicatingly mesmerizing. With nearly 350 files, across 33 categories and weighing in at 6.4GB, it is both comprehensive and inspiring in its simplicity and creative exploration of everyday sounds. The processed and transformed sounds are really where the gold is in this pack. Drenched in lush reverb, scattered with granular delay, irresistible saturation... To say the processing is transformative is nowhere near doing it justice. It is impeccable! And the dry recordings of the sounds are superb! You will find yourself reaching for this pack again and again and again. It's this intersection of reality and imagination where cinematic magic lives, both visually and sonically. Sounds you recognize as real and organic, will often times help you produce the most impressive and memorable sound design and music possible. This is because of the intrinsic properties of the sounds themselves. As they are processed, stretched, reverberated and more, unique natural characteristics like organic textures, physical movements, frequency changes, etc are revealed in incredible ways. These things are not easily synthesized or recreated. And that's the stuff you'll find in great abundance in the Ghosthack Ambio pack. Expect to find long field recordings, lots of fantastic textures that really grab your attention, and an excellent variety of timbre, movement, and interesting locations. The sounds might be everyday occurrences, but how they are then layered and processed to become a soundscape or granular texture is transcendental. There are hundreds of great examples of what can be done with these sounds in the pack itself, which provides a seemingly endless source of inspiration when using them. The Ghosthack Ambio collection is also 100% royalty-free! This means that all of the sounds are already cleared for you to use in your own projects, whether you choose to transform them more or not.
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Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2
Whether you’re producing music or working with video, foley is the spice, the secret ingredient, that allows you to add a touch of ordinary in extraordinary ways. We wanted to give you even more unique sounds in the follow-up to our first foray into everyday objects, and we’ve surpassed even our own lofty expectations. We are proud to introduce Ultimate Foley Sounds 2, a sonic exploration of 45 different familiar items that have signature textures and character to bring your projects to life. It’s quite incredible the effect that found sounds and foley have on screen, but in music they can provide that extra something that eludes most producers – the familiar yet unexpected connection between reality and fantasy. When we hear the sound of a common household item in a beat, we are captivated and entertained in a very specific way. And we remember those moments, crystalized forever, standing apart from other music entirely. The Ultimate Foley Sounds 2 collection gives you nearly 550 professionally recorded samples that you can use as-is or twist up in anyway imaginable. Of course, you can get really creative with the sounds in the Ultimate Foley Sounds 2 pack. Stretching, warping, resampling, layering, reversing and otherwise reimagining in countless ways – these bite-sized samples will stand up to whatever you throw at them and are wonderful source sounds for your sound design endeavors.
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Ultimate Foley Sounds
And often times some of the most original tones and timbres stem from the most mundane objects in your environment. The daily newspaper, an old perfume bottle, a sheet of useless metal in your garage, the ribbing of plastic, a stone dropping into water or an oily bicycle chain – just think of Aphex Twin's »Schottkey 7th Path« and its haunting rattle sound or the auditory range on Amon Tobin's »Foley Room«. If you listen closely, there are unusual tone colors to be found everywhere. So when compiling our »Foley Sounds« package, we went to great lengths to provide only interesting and usable sounds that can be injected into a track of almost any genre – ambient, experimental stuff, industrial, techno or even trap and trip-hop. Make use of your imagination and between all those crackling, hissing and rumbling new ideas for an unconventional production will emerge. To kickstart things with a palette of diverse sounds, we recorded bottles, breathing, chains, old pumps, plastic bags, sandpaper, sponges, tiny metals, big metals, wires and an enormous selection of other objects and materials waiting for an inventive modulation. Of course, all files come as lossless 24-bit WAVs. So it doesn't matter whether you want to cut your teeth on basic sound design skills or add an unheard nuance to a track, this one's for you.
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