How to have fun producing music professionally

Making music can be a challenging process, even for those who love doing it. It can be easy to become so focused on creating the perfect track that the fun of making music is lost. This article provides some tips to find the fun in music creation again.


Probably the most delicate discipline in the production process of music, the mastering gives a track its final form, whether it's all digital or banned to CD or vinyl later.


Over the years we provided you with hundreds of sample packs containing thousands and thousands of individual sounds as well as effects so unheard of, many of our customers were wondering how we actually create and curate them.


Loudness is one of the key elements for a successfull track. Loudness isn't everything, your track also needs a nice degree of dynamics and of course a clean sound without clipping.


Professional producers might already know the possibilities and platforms to sell their work, but especially beginners could find some new ways to sell their music here.