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You Will Find Some of the Very Best Atmospheric Sound Creations Here!

Atmospherics for Serum


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Experience a New Wave of Atmospheric Sounds

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A different sound spectrum opens up.

From the deepest oceanic rifts to the stratosphere and beyond coming lunar bases, the mental cinema in your listener's mind can be molded into any future scenario with our fresh »Atmospherics« package for Serum.

The »Atmospherics« pack gives you over 200 singular and highly customizable presets, inspired by scores of modern science fiction classics like »Annihilation«, »Blade Runner 2049« or »Children Of Men«. Between brutal bass eruptions and unnerving drones, between all kinds of dizzying impacts, effects and percussion but also mesmerizing textures, you will find some of the very best atmospheric sound creations currently in our program.

Be aware that all files contained come in top notch quality supporting the newest Serum version's features. They come in .fxp format, which only works with Xfer's Serum.

Serum garnered numerous accolades in recent years as one of the most advanced software synths for its relentless flexibility and unadulterated sound quality, combining a built-in wavetable editor, crystal clear oscillators, an intuitive modulation system as well as all filter types needed for a modern high standard sound production – and so much more.

    • 60 Atmospheres
    • 21 Basses
    • 20 Drones
    • 20 Textures
    • 20 FX
    • 20 Impacts
    • 10 Keys
    • 20 Percussions
    • 10 Synths

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The included presets can only be used with an installed license of the newest version of Xfer's Serum Plugin.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.