How to have fun producing music professionally

How to Stay Motivated and Have Fun While Producing Music

Here are some tips from Will on how to keep making music while having fun at it.

The Importance of Having Fun While Making Music

Making music can be a challenging process, even for those who love doing it. It can be easy to become so focused on creating the perfect track that the fun of making music is lost. This topic is not often discussed, even though many people struggle with finding the fun in their own music creation.

Sharing the Journey of Music Creation

By starting with a simple patch and focusing on having fun, the music-making process can become more enjoyable.

Escaping Genres and Experimenting with Sounds

Many people struggle to create music when they are too focused on a specific genre. It can be challenging to know what genre your creativity is focused on, leading to frustration and a lack of enjoyment. To combat this, try escaping genres and experimenting with different sounds. Forget the rules and choose a weird tempo or pick sounds you wouldn't normally use. Just put something together that sounds good and have fun with it.

Trying Something New

Will started with a tempo usually used for Drum and Bass but ended up doing something kind of Midtempo/Trap. He chose a sound that sounded good to him and experimented with it. By trying something new and not being constrained by a specific genre, he’s created something unexpected and enjoyable.

Let yourself flow in the DAW and focus on having fun rather than creating the perfect track.

Keep it Simple

The sounds you use in your music don't have to be complicated. Focus on the pattern and energy of the music rather than complex sound design. Don't overthink things, and let yourself be creative at the moment.

Embrace Messiness and Experimentation

It's okay if your music sounds messy or strange. Embrace imperfections and experiment with different sounds and rhythms. Don't be afraid to change things up if you're feeling bored or stuck with a particular pattern.

Trust your Creative Instincts

Allow your creative self to guide you in the music creation process. Don't try to make logical decisions about your music; instead, let your instincts lead you in a direction that feels fun and exciting.

Don’t Make Everything From Scratch

A simple and basic sound or pattern can help you build inspiration and lead you to something new and exciting.

Working with samples or loops can enhance your creativity and is quick and easy. You don't have to make everything from scratch.

Experiment with different samples and sounds to create something new and unique. Stacking layers of different samples can create interesting and exciting sounds.

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Will made a simple bass pattern but felt that it could sound boring quickly, so he converted it into an audio loop, chopped it, and came up with a new interesting result.


Then, he experimented with different drums and sounds, including trappy drums mixed with a drumstep bassline.


Then, Will added extra bass and vocals to add more tonality and texture to the background of the track.


Don’t get caught up in the science and mathematics of layout and structure, but instead, follow your instincts and go with what you hear in your head.

Ear Candies

Adding little details and experimenting with different elements can make a track more interesting and unique.

So, Will added more layers to the track, including a saw wave lead and offbeat breaths.


Creativity should be the focus, not getting too caught up in genre rules and regulations.

There should be tracks where you get to do what you want and let your creativity shine.