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Countdown - Suspense Sound FX


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  • Contains 413 One-Shots, Loops & MIDI for Music & Media Productions
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • Product number:  00358
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Driving, Pulsing and Downright Enthralling

Melodic Loop - Blood
Pulse Loops - Foreboding
Perc Kit [Full Mix] - Black Hole
Perc Loop - Decimated Perc
Braam - Derail
Riser - Can't Breathe
Impact - Erased
Suckback - Outrage
Atonal Drone - Dread
Drone - Sulfur
Foley - Lock
Foley - Scratched
Drive Your Audience to the Edge of Their Seats With Well Executed Sound Design

Hard-hitting drums and FX, gripping musical motifs, outstanding sound design and more. Introducing Countdown - Suspense Sound FX, our newest collection aims to help you deliver the dramatic action sequences and riveting, suspenseful moments that audiences want. Featuring over 1.7GB professionally produced vocals, suck backs, impacts, foley, drones, hits, risers, percussion, Braams, driving bass synths and even supporting MIDI files to help bring your own sounds into the themes quickly.

Ideal for trailers, teasers and commercials, this pack is full of relevant and popular sounds commonly associated with Hollywood movies, major network television and streaming platform productions. These loops and one-shot samples will be a welcome addition to anyone producing content with tension and impact.

Create complex and immersive soundscapes faster and with greater impact with the Countdown - Suspense Sound FX collection. And do it all knowing that every sound is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. Be sure to check out other popular Ghosthack titles with similar content. Like Tension Cinematic FX Volumes 1 & 2, and Tension Underscore.

  • One-Shots
    • 12 Atonal Drones
    • 9 Bass Shots
    • 10 Braams
    • 35 Foley Sounds (Air, Lock, Doors, Metal Impacts, Scratching, Slams, ...)
    • 28 Impacts
    • 14 Percs
    • 13 Risers
    • 7 String Hits
    • 16 Suckbacks
    • 60 Tonal Drones
    • 20 Vocal FX
  • Loops [80 - 120 BPM]
    • 18 Melodic Loops 
      Inlcuding 18 MIDI Files
    • 10 Perc Construction Kits
      With 55 STEMs
    • 16 Perc Loops
    • 72 Pulse Loops
  • Summary
    • File Format: 24bit 48kHz WAV
    • Total Files: 413
    • Total Size: 1.73 GB

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The included 24bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used in any DAW, sampler, audio or video editing software.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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Prepare yourself. You are about to step into another realm. Larger, deeper and much more mysterious than your current reality. Transcend the ordinary with the mind-bending sound design of Sci-Fi Atmospherics Volume 3. Picking up where volume 2 left off, this incredible series continues to push boundaries and deliver truly enchanting and memorable sounds that twist and morph in unexpected ways. Create lush and rich soundscapes that transport your audience to other worlds. Suspend all limits, expectations and perception of normalcy, because here anything is possible. Defy gravity, slip through space-time, evolve in seconds not years... with sounds this unique, you can help bring the most mind-blowing ideas to life in incredible and awe-inspiring ways. Align mood and vision through a myriad of textures, timbres and movements that haven’t been heard before. With over 1.9GB of high-quality sound design, across 10 categories, there’s no end to the combinations you can explore. Navigate hundreds of files intended to add cinematic character through atmospheres, drones, melodics, SFX, textures, crunchy tops and deep bass, hits, impacts and percussion. Everything you make with Sci-Fi Atmospherics 3 will be unique and memorable. And you can do it all worry-free, because every file in the collection is royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. Go make something awesome!
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We are back with yet another high-quality collection of intense cinematic loops, one-shots and music construction kits! Introducing Mystery Midnight - Trailer Sound FX, epic sounds for epic scenes. From minimal and emotional to fast-paced action and impact, this pack weighs in at nearly 1.4GB and features over 300 loops, nearly 200 one-shots and two simple construction kits to help you get started quickly. Take fantasy characters and mystical quests to new dramatic heights with a wide range of drums and percussion, synth pulses, braaams, drones, basslines, melodies and sound effects. With both loops and one-shot samples, you can get started quickly and go in any direction your scenes need you to. Ideal for creating a theme that you can build upon in various ways over time. Mystery Midnight - Trailer Sound FX will help you transport your audience to whatever world you may be dwelling in through thoughtful music elements and unique, they supportive sound design. And all of it is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects.
€27.00* €39.95* (32.42% saved)
Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 3
Prepare yourself for another incredibly satisfying journey through the wide world of found sounds in Ultimate Foley Sounds 3! Featuring 32 new objects that have been recorded in a variety of ways! There are 674 perfectly isolated textures in total, and the entire collection weighs in at more than 1.8GB. This eclectic grab bag of fun is an absolute must-have for anyone who works with Foley or just enjoys using found sounds in music. Inside you will find wood, plastic, metal, liquid, foliage, musical instruments, natural and urban ambiences, shaking, rattling, bubbling, splashing, crunching, crumbling, clanging and even vibrating oddities that can all be used in endless ways. The variety of textures in Ultimate Foley Sounds 3 is inspiring! And the quality of the recordings is superb. All sounds in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects! Be sure to check out the first three volumes in this series, too. The entire collection really is top notch.
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Coriolis Effect Volume 3
We are proud to have the honor of introducing a third volume in this truly memorable series from acclaimed producer, Zariis. Coriolis Effect Volume 3 features a variety of high-quality cinematic soundscapes, braaams, hits, impacts and 5 full music construction kits. It’s an ideal addition for anyone working in film, television or even gaming. Every sound in the collection is presented in both dry and wet versions. And the construction kits each include supporting MIDI clips, so you can produce more freely. With multiple genres and moods represented, the sound design and music elements can be combined in countless ways to achieve incredibly satisfying, and original, outcomes. Coriolis Effect Volume 3 will help you deliver a high caliber of sound, in powerful and impassioned style. Establishing ideal mood, atmosphere and emotional impact for a scene is always easier when you’re working with the right sounds. The music and sound design in this kit will surely help enchant your audience and make your project an even more immersive and memorable experience. Of course, every file in this collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared for your use in your productions. Be sure to check out the other titles in this series and other inspiring releases from Zariis! We know you’ll love them.
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Pandora - Sound FX and Music Tracks
Introducing our newest release Pandora - Sound FX and Music Tracks. This pack is inspired by one of the most anticipated films hitting cinemas in 2023, and offers a collection of awe-inspiring and atmospheric sounds perfect for creating epic and cinematic music. Pandora is another sprawling masterpiece from acclaimed composer-producer Zariis. It features nearly 10GB of cinematic sounds and musical elements produced to be used in your projects. Explore 10 full-mix music construction kits and a selection of ambient foley sound effects that are designed to easily create epic soundscapes and memorable compositions. Transcend the ordinary with hauntingly beautiful vocals, tantalizing textures, intoxicating sound palettes and brilliant performances. This collection is truly a work of art and will help you bring any project to life in impressive form. With a range of tempos, themes and moods on display, each of the construction kits is a doorway to possibilities not yet discovered. And the more you work across the kits, the more unexpected combinations you’ll unlock. Pandora begins to take on a life-force all its own the more you get to know it. Perhaps the best thing about Pandora is the fact that every file included is entirely, 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. The wet and dry versions of every instrument, vocal recording, sound effect and MIDI file are here for you to use in your productions, worry-free.
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Shockwave Sound FX Volume 3
We are thrilled to introduce Shockwave SFX Volume 3, a mind-bending journey into the far reaches of experimental sound design, otherworldly textures, intoxicating timbres and game-changing sonic excellence. The first two volumes in this series have been smash hits, and are absolutely worth grabbing. The sound design throughout this entire series is truly phenomenal and will help your projects stand out! Showcasing profound creativity and boundless innovation, Shockwave SFX 3 gives you access to over 1.25GB (44.1kHz version) of some of the most artistic and memorable sounds across 8 categories. It features eerie, rhythmic, tonal, ambient and transforming sounds, as well as incredible impacts and bass synths to spice up your productions. The next-level cinematic quality sound design of Shockwave SFX Volume 3 may seem like a no-brainer for cinematic projects, but the kind of depth and interest that the sounds bring to more mainstream music projects is undeniable. Unleash the unexpected on your audience and they will be blown away! The best part of this pack? Perhaps the fact that every sound in it is 100% royalty-free and fully cleared for use in your projects!
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