Use As Is Or Process and Manipulate for Electronic Music Styles

Nearly 1GB of Live-Recorded Acoustic Drum and Percussion Samples Are Waiting for You

Essential Live Drums


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  • Includes 560+ Live-Recorded Drum One-Shots and Loops
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Instant Download After Purchase
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Professionally Live Recorded Drum Samples!

Demo Track 1
Mutliple Snare Hit
Multiple Hi-Hat Hits
Ride Crash
Cymbal Wash
Deep Kick
Rim Shot
Tambourine Roll
Tom Hit
Woodblock Hit
It’s like having a drummer in your studio with you.

You’ve just discovered something very cool. The Essential Live Drums collection is 0.98GB of professionally recorded live acoustic drums, cymbals and percussion. It features a massive amount of loops and fills across a wide range of BPMs and styles, plus high-quality one-shots so you can produce whatever we haven’t already covered.

If you’ve been hunting for a well-balanced library of acoustic drum sounds, this is definitely one to check out. It comes with a wide array of clear live recordings that can be used as is or manipulated and processed to also fit heavier or more experimental styles of music. 

As with all Ghosthack sounds, every sample in this collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So go forth and produce wit confidence!

  • Live Recorded Drums [80 - 172 BPM]
    • 38 Snare Hits
    • 31 Cymbal Hits (Bell, China, Ride, Wash & More)
    • 28 Hi-Hats (Closed, Shut, Semishut and Openshut for different types)
    • 13 Kicks
    • 15 Toms
    • 7 Rim Shots
    • 9 Shaker Hits

    • 6 Tambourine Hits
    • 6 Cabasa Shots
    • 4 Woodblocks
    • 3 Chain Samples
    • 3 Cowbells
    • 3 Sticks
    • 177 Drum Loops (Including Variations)

    • 55 Drum Fills
    • 15 Drum Rolls
    • 28 Hi-Hat Loops
    • 30 Ride Loops
    • 96 Percussion Loops (Cabasa, Conga, Shaker, Tambourine)
    • Total Files: 567
    • Total Size: 0.98 GB

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The included 32bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used in DAWs, samplers, audio or video editing softwares.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.