Craft intense action sequences with ease

Using Over 1.5 GB of Incredible One-Shots & Loops

Fearless - Action Sound FX


% €49.95* (31.93% saved)
  • Contains 420 Sound FX, Percussions, Pulses, Clocks, Melodic Loops & MIDI
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • Product number:  00360
supported DAWs

Epic, Riveting and Larger Than Life!

Musical Loop - Storm
Musical Loop - Flight Back
Musical Loop - Argon
Clock Loop - Ionosphere
Perc Construction Kit - Fury
Perc Construction Kit - Bone Crusher
Perc Loop - Toms
Perc Loop - Rims Dust
Pulse Loop - Containment
Pulse Loop - Expanse
Riser - Splinter
Riser - Swell
Drone - Disturbance
Whoosh - Delusion
Whoosh Hit - Concluded
Impact - Carbon
Scoring fast-paced scenes just got faster!

The Fearless - Action Sound FX collection is intense, relentless, and full of the iconic sounds you expect from big feature films and high-quality television. Featuring musical, percussion and pulse loops, as well as an incredible selection of one-shot basses, drones, impacts, percussion, risers, synths, hits and whooshes. And don’t forget the clocks! The ticking of a clock adds a special kind of tension and anticipation unique to the fast-paced world of action and adventure.

Fearless - Action Sound FX weighs in at over 1.5GB and has more potential than many packs twice its size. Create epic transitions with the risers, whooshes and hits. Develop serious tension with the drones and pulses. And ratchet up the intensity with hard-hitting percussion. You can expect to find what you need to begin delivering epic action sequences, regardless what kind of medium you produce content for.

Do it all without hassles and worries because Ghosthack collections are 100% royalty free and cleared for use in your projects, that includes Fearless - Action Sound FX. And be sure to check out our Cinematic Essentials series, featuring lots of great curated packs you can use to build the library of sounds you need to streamline your workflows.

  • One-Shots
    • 11 Bass Shots
    • 60 Drones
    • 10 Impacts
    • 32 Percussion Hits
    • 23 Risers
    • 11 Synth Hits
    • 16 Whoosh Hits
    • 25 Whooshes
  • Loops [90 - 130 BPM]
    • 10 Clock Ticking Loops
    • 31 Musical Loops
    • 12 Percussion Construction Kits
      with 47 STEMs
    • 65 Percussion Loops
    • 36 Pulse Loops
  • Other & Summary
    • 31 MIDI Files (Musical Loops)
    • File Format: 24bit 48kHz .wav & .mid
    • Total Files: 420
    • Total Size: 1.53 GB

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The included 24bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used with any DAW, sampler, audio or video editing software.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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Hard-hitting drums and FX, gripping musical motifs, outstanding sound design and more. Introducing Countdown - Suspense Sound FX, our newest collection aims to help you deliver the dramatic action sequences and riveting, suspenseful moments that audiences want. Featuring over 1.7GB professionally produced vocals, suck backs, impacts, foley, drones, hits, risers, percussion, Braams, driving bass synths and even supporting MIDI files to help bring your own sounds into the themes quickly. Ideal for trailers, teasers and commercials, this pack is full of relevant and popular sounds commonly associated with Hollywood movies, major network television and streaming platform productions. These loops and one-shot samples will be a welcome addition to anyone producing content with tension and impact. Create complex and immersive soundscapes faster and with greater impact with the Countdown - Suspense Sound FX collection. And do it all knowing that every sound is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. Be sure to check out other popular Ghosthack titles with similar content. Like Tension Cinematic FX Volumes 1 & 2, and Tension Underscore.
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Sci-Fi Atmospherics Volume 3
Prepare yourself. You are about to step into another realm. Larger, deeper and much more mysterious than your current reality. Transcend the ordinary with the mind-bending sound design of Sci-Fi Atmospherics Volume 3. Picking up where volume 2 left off, this incredible series continues to push boundaries and deliver truly enchanting and memorable sounds that twist and morph in unexpected ways. Create lush and rich soundscapes that transport your audience to other worlds. Suspend all limits, expectations and perception of normalcy, because here anything is possible. Defy gravity, slip through space-time, evolve in seconds not years... with sounds this unique, you can help bring the most mind-blowing ideas to life in incredible and awe-inspiring ways. Align mood and vision through a myriad of textures, timbres and movements that haven’t been heard before. With over 1.9GB of high-quality sound design, across 10 categories, there’s no end to the combinations you can explore. Navigate hundreds of files intended to add cinematic character through atmospheres, drones, melodics, SFX, textures, crunchy tops and deep bass, hits, impacts and percussion. Everything you make with Sci-Fi Atmospherics 3 will be unique and memorable. And you can do it all worry-free, because every file in the collection is royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. Go make something awesome!
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Cinematic Essentials - Vital Presets
From heavy-hitting title sequences to subtle and immersive moments, our Cinematic Essentials - Vital Presets collection includes 70 dynamic sound design instruments made specifically for film scoring. Featuring drones, pads, keys, plucks, pulses, risers, braams and SFX, this pack is full of relevant, in-demand sounds commonly heard in feature films and AAA games. It gives you everything you need to craft riveting soundscapes to bring a scene to life. From gentle and inviting pads to stirring, tension-building drones. From pulses that ooze intensity to thin pluck sounds that cut right through the mix. The presets in this Vital synth bank are full of the kind of character and depth that we all crave for our cinematic projects. Since these are synth presets, it’s easy to simply swap out wavetables, filters, effects, etc to quickly arrive at entirely new outcomes. This is a great way to maintain plenty of continuity while introducing new, yet familiar, elements in your productions. And because Vital is a free synth (upgrade options available), these sounds are accessible in any DAW that can load a synth. Of course, these presets are all royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects, just like any other Ghosthack collection. Be sure to check out some of our other Vital Synth preset packs or the full Cinematic Essentials series to expand your cinematic synthesis capabilities.
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Uprising - Uplifting Cinematic Music & SFX
Acclaimed composer-producer Zariis is back to deliver another stunning cinematic masterpiece for us. Introducing Uprising, a sweeping collection of 10 full mix music construction kits, plus immersive ambient beds, pads and unique sound effects. Use these sounds and musical elements to create lush and inspired themes and bring worlds to life. Well-orchestrated and deeply moving, each construction kit features both wet and dry stems, plus supporting MIDI files to help you go beyond the sound pack and begin exploring new realms of possibility. It’s easy to deliver a sense of continuity and discovery working within one theme or across several. In the age of pitch and time manipulation, a pack like Uprising stands out as both easy to work with and full of possibility. Each individual stem is presented in a fairly simple way, so they add up to incredibly rich and satisfying ensembles without a lot of competition or unnecessary complexity. In turn, they also naturally cooperate and ‘fit’ with other sound libraries, making it an easy addition for anyone in the industry. Weighing in at nearly 9GB, this is a collection you’ll turn to again-and-again. Of course, every file in Uprising is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So you can produce worry-free and hassle-free.
€44.00* €49.95* (11.91% saved)
Mystery Midnight - Trailer Sound FX
We are back with yet another high-quality collection of intense cinematic loops, one-shots and music construction kits! Introducing Mystery Midnight - Trailer Sound FX, epic sounds for epic scenes. From minimal and emotional to fast-paced action and impact, this pack weighs in at nearly 1.4GB and features over 300 loops, nearly 200 one-shots and two simple construction kits to help you get started quickly. Take fantasy characters and mystical quests to new dramatic heights with a wide range of drums and percussion, synth pulses, braaams, drones, basslines, melodies and sound effects. With both loops and one-shot samples, you can get started quickly and go in any direction your scenes need you to. Ideal for creating a theme that you can build upon in various ways over time. Mystery Midnight - Trailer Sound FX will help you transport your audience to whatever world you may be dwelling in through thoughtful music elements and unique, they supportive sound design. And all of it is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects.
€27.00* €39.95* (32.42% saved)
Coriolis Effect Volume 3
We are proud to have the honor of introducing a third volume in this truly memorable series from acclaimed producer, Zariis. Coriolis Effect Volume 3 features a variety of high-quality cinematic soundscapes, braaams, hits, impacts and 5 full music construction kits. It’s an ideal addition for anyone working in film, television or even gaming. Every sound in the collection is presented in both dry and wet versions. And the construction kits each include supporting MIDI clips, so you can produce more freely. With multiple genres and moods represented, the sound design and music elements can be combined in countless ways to achieve incredibly satisfying, and original, outcomes. Coriolis Effect Volume 3 will help you deliver a high caliber of sound, in powerful and impassioned style. Establishing ideal mood, atmosphere and emotional impact for a scene is always easier when you’re working with the right sounds. The music and sound design in this kit will surely help enchant your audience and make your project an even more immersive and memorable experience. Of course, every file in this collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared for your use in your productions. Be sure to check out the other titles in this series and other inspiring releases from Zariis! We know you’ll love them.
€24.00* €49.95* (51.95% saved)
Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 3
Prepare yourself for another incredibly satisfying journey through the wide world of found sounds in Ultimate Foley Sounds 3! Featuring 32 new objects that have been recorded in a variety of ways! There are 674 perfectly isolated textures in total, and the entire collection weighs in at more than 1.8GB. This eclectic grab bag of fun is an absolute must-have for anyone who works with Foley or just enjoys using found sounds in music. Inside you will find wood, plastic, metal, liquid, foliage, musical instruments, natural and urban ambiences, shaking, rattling, bubbling, splashing, crunching, crumbling, clanging and even vibrating oddities that can all be used in endless ways. The variety of textures in Ultimate Foley Sounds 3 is inspiring! And the quality of the recordings is superb. All sounds in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects! Be sure to check out the first three volumes in this series, too. The entire collection really is top notch.
€17.00* €39.95* (57.45% saved)
Pandora - Sound FX and Music Tracks
Introducing our newest release Pandora - Sound FX and Music Tracks. This pack is inspired by one of the most anticipated films hitting cinemas in 2023, and offers a collection of awe-inspiring and atmospheric sounds perfect for creating epic and cinematic music. Pandora is another sprawling masterpiece from acclaimed composer-producer Zariis. It features nearly 10GB of cinematic sounds and musical elements produced to be used in your projects. Explore 10 full-mix music construction kits and a selection of ambient foley sound effects that are designed to easily create epic soundscapes and memorable compositions. Transcend the ordinary with hauntingly beautiful vocals, tantalizing textures, intoxicating sound palettes and brilliant performances. This collection is truly a work of art and will help you bring any project to life in impressive form. With a range of tempos, themes and moods on display, each of the construction kits is a doorway to possibilities not yet discovered. And the more you work across the kits, the more unexpected combinations you’ll unlock. Pandora begins to take on a life-force all its own the more you get to know it. Perhaps the best thing about Pandora is the fact that every file included is entirely, 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. The wet and dry versions of every instrument, vocal recording, sound effect and MIDI file are here for you to use in your productions, worry-free.
€49.00* €79.95* (38.71% saved)
Shockwave Sound FX Volume 3
We are thrilled to introduce Shockwave SFX Volume 3, a mind-bending journey into the far reaches of experimental sound design, otherworldly textures, intoxicating timbres and game-changing sonic excellence. The first two volumes in this series have been smash hits, and are absolutely worth grabbing. The sound design throughout this entire series is truly phenomenal and will help your projects stand out! Showcasing profound creativity and boundless innovation, Shockwave SFX 3 gives you access to over 1.25GB (44.1kHz version) of some of the most artistic and memorable sounds across 8 categories. It features eerie, rhythmic, tonal, ambient and transforming sounds, as well as incredible impacts and bass synths to spice up your productions. The next-level cinematic quality sound design of Shockwave SFX Volume 3 may seem like a no-brainer for cinematic projects, but the kind of depth and interest that the sounds bring to more mainstream music projects is undeniable. Unleash the unexpected on your audience and they will be blown away! The best part of this pack? Perhaps the fact that every sound in it is 100% royalty-free and fully cleared for use in your projects!
€29.95* €49.95* (40.04% saved)
Crime and Drama Volume 2
It’s here! Crime and Drama Volume 2 is the follow up we’ve all been waiting for. Building on the incredible success of the first volume, this newest installment features 1.17GB of tension-inducing loops, samples, construction kits and MIDI files. It gives you the sounds, moods and inspiration you need to begin making your scenes engrossing. Dive into a world of mysterious intrigue, dangerous criminal intent and dark secrets. With full track constructions kits, drum kits, melodic loops, pulse loops, percussion loops, and riveting sound effects, this comprehensive production pack also features a variety of one-shot samples to load into your favorite sampler or drum machine and begin arranging something original. Ideal for episodic endeavors, it’s easy to build continuity and cohesion with the sounds in Crime and Drama 2. The instruments all play well together and the entire collection has been produced with flexibility and production workflows in mind. So as you move from one scene to the next, you can carry the mood and aesthetic as you progress. Every sound in this pack is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects!
€29.95* €59.95* (50.04% saved)
Ambient Soundscapes Volume 3
Ambient Soundscapes 3 is a deep and expansive world of memorable sounds, textures and moving melodies designed to entrance and immerse your audience. Expect to find more than 180 inspiring loops across several categories, with accompanying one-shot samples of each sound and supporting MIDI clips to help you start producing quickly, in whatever direction you like. The loops feature touching pianos, emotive stringed instruments, gritty bass pulses, tight percussive elements and drums that are anything but ordinary. The one-shot samples also include textured drones and lots of transition SFX! Weighing in at 1.06GB, there are hundreds of files to explore. Take your audience on an immersive journey full of enchanting melodies and intoxicating soundscapes. Ambient Soundscapes 3 gives you what you need to produce high-quality music with cinematic depth and interest. As the name suggests, there are two other installations in this popular series. Be sure to check out Ambient Soundscapes Vol 1 & 2 for even more incredible sounds! All sounds in this collection are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. This means no worries about rights or additional costs. So whatever you produce with these sounds belongs to you!
€17.00* €39.95* (57.45% saved)
Tension - Cinematic FX Volume 2
Tension - Cinematic FX Volume 2 is a fantastic collection of high-end cinematic sound effects designed to help you create tension in your projects quickly and easily. Each sound is crafted with psychological precision to ensure it has an immediate impact on your audience. Featuring both one-shot samples and production loops, there are 16 categories to explore in this pack that weighs in at a whopping 1.37GB. You can expect mind-bending abstract sounds, moody atmospheric drones, hard-hitting braaams, driving basses, deep sub impacts, and of course plenty of cinematic whooshes, risers, impacts, reverses, downshifters and more. This collection feels complete from the moment you open it, but its full potential really starts to come into focus as you begin using it in actual productions. These sounds are made to work in a mix. Tension - Cinematic FX Volume 2 is a great addition for anyone working on dark dramas, suspense and thriller type projects. Of course, if you just want a dash of cinematic depth and interest in one of your tracks, it’s a solid collection to turn to for music productions, too. All of the sounds in Tension - Cinematic FX 2 are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. This allows you to create freely, without any concern about licensing or rights. All Ghosthack products are produced for you to use!
€19.00* €59.95* (68.31% saved)
Ambio - Field Recordings & Foley FX
Get ready for a very satisfying new collection of must-have sounds! Ghosthack Ambio features a wide variety of foley sounds and field recordings served up both dry and wet, in a bunch of different ways. Some are downright intoxicatingly mesmerizing. With nearly 350 files, across 33 categories and weighing in at 6.4GB, it is both comprehensive and inspiring in its simplicity and creative exploration of everyday sounds. The processed and transformed sounds are really where the gold is in this pack. Drenched in lush reverb, scattered with granular delay, irresistible saturation... To say the processing is transformative is nowhere near doing it justice. It is impeccable! And the dry recordings of the sounds are superb! You will find yourself reaching for this pack again and again and again. It's this intersection of reality and imagination where cinematic magic lives, both visually and sonically. Sounds you recognize as real and organic, will often times help you produce the most impressive and memorable sound design and music possible. This is because of the intrinsic properties of the sounds themselves. As they are processed, stretched, reverberated and more, unique natural characteristics like organic textures, physical movements, frequency changes, etc are revealed in incredible ways. These things are not easily synthesized or recreated. And that's the stuff you'll find in great abundance in the Ghosthack Ambio pack. Expect to find long field recordings, lots of fantastic textures that really grab your attention, and an excellent variety of timbre, movement, and interesting locations. The sounds might be everyday occurrences, but how they are then layered and processed to become a soundscape or granular texture is transcendental. There are hundreds of great examples of what can be done with these sounds in the pack itself, which provides a seemingly endless source of inspiration when using them. The Ghosthack Ambio collection is also 100% royalty-free! This means that all of the sounds are already cleared for you to use in your own projects, whether you choose to transform them more or not.
€29.95* €49.95* (40.04% saved)
Ambient Underscore Volume 2
Ambient Underscore Volume 2 is everything you’ve hoped it would be. Picking up where Vol. 1 left off, this is a deep and extensive cinematic journey. Featuring all the elements you need to develop an immersive and riveting experience, and truly make it your own, this pack is one you’ll return to again and again. With 1.42GB of loops, one-shots, MIDI clips and 2 bonus construction kits, there’s plenty to explore. This collection is quite comprehensive, and very well organized. With nearly 450 files included, it’s amazing just how well the sounds work together. It gives you the added advantageous opportunity of combining them in a multitude of ways to create a cohesive and consistent sound across many projects, for instance episodes in a television series or an ongoing podcast. So developing and then building upon themes is a breeze with Ambient Underscore Volume 2. Deliver gripping tension, drama, mystery and moodiness with a lot less effort that you’re probably accustomed to. And you can do it all with the confidence that comes with knowing all sounds in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use In your projects.
€29.95* €39.95* (25.03% saved)
Keys & Strings Volume 2
We are proud to introduce you to Keys and Strings Vol. 2, every bit as good as the first installment, and yet so much more to explore. Every instrument recording featured in this breathtaking collection was captured live in real performances! So if you’ve been looking for a truly organic aesthetic for your projects, we think you’ll enjoy what you hear in this pack. Weighing in at 1.23 GB, Keys and Strings Vol. 2 is a comprehensive collection featuring performances across multiple BPMs and themes. With both full mix and individual stems, plus one-shot samples of the instruments, you will have complete control over how you use these files. Simply load the one-shots into your favorite sampler to begin composing around the themes presented or create something entirely new using authentic sounds. Adding intimate, small chamber orchestral depth to your projects doesn’t require complex tools or ridiculous price tags. And we are happy to help provide access to this and countless other incredible titles here for you to explore. It can be tough to stand out sometimes, but Ghosthack makes it easier with these small curated libraries that focus on quality and authenticity. And you can trust that every sound in our packs are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So you can produce with confidence, knowing you’re working with something special.
€24.00* €49.95* (51.95% saved)
Grand Sonata No.1 - Keys & Strings
Enter a world of majestic sound and deep emotional impact with Grand Sonata No. 1 – Keys and Strings. Featuring immaculate full stem construction kits across 55 projects and 360+ additional one-shot samples so you can continue to build around these themes in any direction you’re inspired to take them. And making original compositions with these samples is truly rewarding. Violin, cello and piano are an amazing ensemble to work with, and these meticulous recordings make it very inspiring and easy to do. Adding orchestral depth to a dynamic soundscape is easy with these sounds. Each recording has been professionally mixed to work well in your projects without any hassle. Grand Sonata No. 1 – Keys and Strings is intended to make your production workflows a bit more streamlined while helping to keep your arrangements organic and moving. Weighing in at a whopping 2.92GB, Grand Sonata No. 1 delivers high-quality themes for a wide variety of genres, from action and adventure to mystery and romance and all points in between. We think you’ll find this collection to be quite satisfying and hope you continue to return to this pack again and again for many years to come. All files contained in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. This is the Ghosthack way!
€39.95* €49.95* (20.02% saved)
Cinematic Essentials Volume 4
We’re back with yet another installment in our wildly popular cinematic scoring series. Introducing Cinematic Essentials Volume 4, featuring 1.17GB of Hollywood quality loops and one-shot samples. Building on the success of the previous three volumes, volume 4 continues to explore some of today’s most popular themes, sounds and techniques proven to keep us all riveted and in the moment. Add instant tension, intrigue, intensity and momentum to any scene with Cinematic Essentials Volume 4. It contains pulses, percussion and melodic loops to help you quickly get scenes started without the need for any additional tools. Enjoy the wide assortment of SFX, synth, bass, drone and percussion one-shot samples to begin composing something entirely new. You’ll find 5 categories of SFX in this pack: transitions, percussion SFX, reverses, whooshes and whoosh hits. There are so many great files in this volume to help you streamline your efforts! Use the track and drum construction kits for inspiration or as the foundation of a theme you build around. Check out the bonus MIDI clips for ideas to explore with those one-shot samples, too. Simply put, bringing scenes to life is easy with Cinematic Essentials Volume 4. It’s a solid addition to an ongoing Ghosthack series that has proven itself over time. And you can rest assured that every file in this pack is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects, no matter how big or popular they might become.
€29.95* €69.95* (57.18% saved)
Chromosphere - Cinematic Textures
Chromosphere - Cinematic Textures is far more than just a sample pack, it’s a must-have resource for those wanting to create rich and immersive cinematic moments. Oozing inspiration, every sound in this collection was meticulously crafted to help ensure cooperative play across all categories. Weighing in at a whopping 2.73GB, the Chromosphere Cinematic Textures collection features 160+ loops, 230+ one-shots, drum construction kits, full-mix construction kits and bonus MIDI files. It is a playground for anyone producing for screen. From deep and captivating drones to driving pulses, this pack has all the pieces you need to score memorable scenes. These sounds are also ideal for a wide range of general music production. Add a touch of cinematic depth with some percussion loops or synths. Get some extra movement happening with creative transition effects. Do it all with full confidence, knowing all sounds are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects.
€24.95* €49.95* (50.05% saved)
Dark Atmospherics Volume 2
Dark Atmospherics 2 is a mysterious and seemingly endless journey into the deepest corners of cutting-edge sound design and immersive ambience that will leave you feeling altered, and wanting more. It’s a unique opportunity to have access to this level of sonic excellence when working on your own projects. Do not miss out! Whether you are looking for a point of inspiration to begin something new or you need a few memorable embellishments to push your work over the edge, Dark Atmospherics 2 delivers, and then just keeps going. With a staggering 2.32GB of content, there are simply no bad sounds to be found. Every loop and one-shot meets the highest standard of excellence set when volume one was released earlier this year. You’ll enjoy a massive loop collection of lush atmospheres, throbbing basslines, immersive drones, enchanting melodics, creative rhythmics, lively textures and crunchy toppers. Plus you get one-shots across all of those categories, as well as FX and Impacts. Complete control over every sound is guaranteed with Dark Atmospherics 2. Every sound in this collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared to be used in your commercial projects! So you can work freely and with confidence.
€29.95* €69.95* (57.18% saved)
Sci-Fi Atmospherics Volume 2
We invite you to a world dominated by deep, immersive soundscapes, mind-bending textures, truly original synths, reimagined percussive instruments and not-yet-invented technologies that continue to shape the shifting sonic landscape of this new era. Sci-Fi Atmospherics 2 weaves timbre and rhythm together in ways not yet imagined by most, and discovered by fewer still. And now these expertly crafted gems can be yours, a brilliant new addition to your production arsenal. When sound design and production quality are both elevated to such a degree, it’s impossible to not stand out. Having Sci-Fi Atmospherics 2 in the studio with you is like having years of experience, coveted hardware and deep knowledge injected into the very soul of your process. Setting the mood and developing the aesthetic of a memorable song, album, scene in a game, film or episode can transcend the melodies, visuals, the story and even the space you are in. Every sound in this curated collection is charged with a palpable life force, an undeniable energy that carries over into your work. Inside you’ll find 10 categories, each full of nothing but gold. The tops, textures and atmospheres are wide, attention-grabbing ear candy. The hits, impacts, percussion and basslines continually push everything in fascinating directions. Melodic elements set the mind wandering and wondering, about the story behind the story. And the textures, drones and one-of-a-kind SFX provide transdimensional magic where you want it most. Finding just the right unique texture or movement at just the right time, in just the right place is priceless. Sci-Fi Atmospherics 2 delivers more than 3.5GB of those priceless moments in the form of a download, which means you’re producing your next hit in about 5 minutes...
€49.95* €69.95* (28.59% saved)
Cinematic Sound FX 3
In a world fueled by drama, tension and an unbreakable passion for the unexpected, the new Cinematic Sound FX Volume 3 collection reigns supreme. If you produce trailers, music for screen or game, or just want to add some cinematic quality flair to any kind of project, you will want this epic volume in your arsenal before you get started on your next one. Featuring 2.56GB worth of sounds across 11 categories: Whooshes, sub movements, synths, drones, whoosh hits, suck backs, impacts, horror SFX, foley SFX, downers and risers. Just add instruments and you have everything you need to start producing top-shelf content worthy of being broadcasted on all the popular platforms. Building on the success of two of our most popular products to-date (the first two volumes in this series), Cinematic SFX 3 delivers even more of what you all have asked for! We’re proud to have our sounds featured in countless hits out there and cannot wait to see you add your name to the growing list of producers who have enjoyed success using Ghosthack sounds. As always, these sounds are 100% royalty-free and fully cleared to use in your productions, no matter how big or small. Go forward and produce greatness, knowing it will be yours entirely.
€29.95* €49.95* (40.04% saved)
Abstract Voices
Step into a twisted wonderland of vocals and psychoacoustic freedom, enter Abstract Voices... Featuring granular effects, spacious reverbs, creative delays, as well as unique warping and glitching techniques that culminate in otherworldly atmospheres, pads and even hits, all from professionally recorded vocals. These sounds add texture, interest and depth instantly to any project, and with over 4.5GB of content, you have plenty of great sounds to choose from. Granular synthesis and glitching techniques have emerged as some of the most popular ways to process vocals in music, and have become a cornerstone of creative sound design in general. Some of the tools used are complex and/or expensive, putting these sounds out-of-reach for many people. Abstract Voices gives you direct access to brilliantly transformed voices, presented in a wide variety of ways, across 18 categories. Whether you’re producing music, scoring or doing sound design for scenes, there are endless uses for unique atmospheric elements. From gentle and lush to wild and experimental, we’ve put together a full-spectrum offering in Abstract Voices and hope that you find it as inspiring as it was to make it!
€49.95* €99.95* (50.03% saved)
Documentary Audio Toolkit Volume 2
Immersive, dramatic, thoughtful and relevant – Introducing Documentary Toolkit 2! Every story worth telling is worthy of great sound, so we’ve created even more of what made the first volume in this series a smash hit... and then made it better. In this impressive collection you’ll find 174 one-shots (with supporting MIDI files) across 8 categories, 155 unique loops across 3 categories and bonus STEMs for 11 construction kit themes to help you find the inspiration you need quickly. Featuring professionally produced drums and percussion, synth pads, drones, pulses and SFX, as well as pianos and strings that will move your audience and bring your scenes to life. Our samples are designed to support, not dominate, your scenes. With only truly necessary processing applied, you are free to take these sounds in any direction you need to and not worry about overbearing creative effects. Documentary Toolkit 2 will help you unlock the potential of your storytelling, and deliver it in a way that will never be forgotten.
€49.95* €69.95* (28.59% saved)