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Psychedelic Wavetables Volume 2


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Designed Specifically for Psychedelic Music Genres

Demo Track 1

Step into the twisted and heady world of Psychedelic Wavetables, a superb collection of next-level oscillator fuel for Psytrance and other genres that appreciate unique tonal qualities and morphing capabilities. Designed exclusively for Ghosthack by Black Marvin, each wavetable meets the strict standards of one of the most prolific artists in the Psy scene today.

These basic building blocks are the reason why Black Marvin’s synth presets stand apart from the competition. Starting from a point of inspired innovation, you can easily discover countless new unique timbres and textures without having to micromanage the waveforms you’re using. Simply put, it’s game-changing to have these wavetables in your sonic arsenal.

Each wavetable included is a great candidate for hot swapping in presets that have already been created in Serum. Simply fire up your favorite patch and swap out one of the wavetables with one from the Psychedelic Wavetables collection and start playing. They are also great to use as warping waveforms (FM, RM and AM warping) and to design entirely new wavetables with. There are no limits, only fresh inspiration waiting to be discovered.

    • 10 Analog Wavetables

    • 13 Gritty Wavetables

    • 17 Lead Tones Wavetables

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You need a Synth VST plugin like Xfer's Serum in order to use the included wavetables.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.