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Psytrance Awakening for Serum 3


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  • 100 Patches for Serum
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Next-Level Sound Design for Psytrance Productions

Demo Track 1
Lead 33
Bass Progress 202
Vocal DMT
Lead Polaris
Lead Hybridised Acid
Bass E-Boga
FX Scan Complete
Acid Buddha
Dive into a new dimension of psychedelic sound design!

The third part of our successful "Psytrance Awakening for Serum" comes with 100 astonishing patches crafted by Black Marvin, our expert for Trance and Psytrance productions.

All patches support Serum's macro controls for an easy customization and automation of your own sounds.

Diving deep into a progressive, colorful, and psychedelic soundscape with thumping basslines, acid sounds and a wicked time-warping atmosphere, Black Marvin's sounds are built on a wide range of influences and a creative mindset.

Black Marvin has years of experience in electronic music production, plays on huge psytrance festivals and got best-selling EPs in the Beatport charts.

  • Serum Content
    • 7 Acid Presets
    • 10 Bass Presets
    • 10 FX Presets
    • 6 Grid Presets
    • 25 Lead Presets

    • 8 Pad Presets
    • 4 Pluck Presets
    • 8 Synth Presets
    • 5 Vocal Presets

    • 5 Vox Synth Presets
    • 13 Zap Presets
    • 13 Serum Noises
    • Total: 100 Presets

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You need the latest version of Xfer Serum for these presets.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.