664 Avant-Garde Sound FX for Music and Media Productions

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Shockwave Sound FX Volume 2


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  • 664 Avant-Garde Sound FX for Music and Media Productions
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Add Some Shock And Awe to Your Projects With These Alien Textures

Demo Track 1

Introducing our most mind-altering collection of next generation sound design to-date, Shockwave Sound FX Volume 2. The first volume in this series was an outrageous smash hit, and we found ways to push the boundaries even further.

Inside you’ll find sounds that you’ve never heard before, it may be hard to describe what you’re hearing at times, and that is precisely what you need to transcend the ordinary and take your audience on a ride like no other. With these samples, you can bring a new world to life, score the apocalypse and delve into the deepest, darkest corners of electronic and avant garden music without breaking a sweat.

Otherworldly cinematic textures, tones and movements collide to create a universe of sounds that have not yet been discovered by most on planet Earth. The sheer volume and variety you will encounter across the 8 categories of sounds in Shockwave Sound FX 2 will have reaching for it again-and-again for years to come, finding endless ways to navigate this sonic origami.

From ambient and eerie to rhythmic and noisy, everything you discover in this massive collection is truly unique and will not be found anywhere else. Shockwave Sound FX 2 provides access to sounds that would normally require an entire room of hardware and years of knowledge to create. You can download it in a matter of minutes and begin bending minds today, and there’s just no reason not to. Be warned though, if you venture too far down this rabbit hole, there may be no return...

    • 46 Deep Basses
    • 51 Granulized Basses
    • 7 Bass Impacts
    • 45 LFO Basses
    • 9 Reversed Basses
    • 27 Slow Attack Basses
    • 28 Upfront Basses

    • 82 Transformer Sounds
    • 72 Impacts
    • 77 Noise Effects
    • 46 Twisted Ambiences
    • 46 High-Pitch Eerie Sounds

    • 58 Tonal FX (Key-Labeled)
    • 70 Rhythmic Loops (120 BPM)
    • Total Files: 664
    • Total Size (44.1kHz Version): 1.56 GB
    • Total Size (96kHz Version): 3.43 GB

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The samples are saved with two different sampling frequencies to ensure good audio quality for movie and cinema projects. They are available in 24bit 44.1kHz and 24bit 98 kHz WAV format.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.