Epic Cinematic Vocals, Orchestral Instruments and Deep Atmospheres

  • 17.5 GB of Sound Resources
  • 30 Song Kits With 890 STEMs, Vocals & MIDI
  • No Subscription - One-Time Payment
  • License Included - No Claims
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • For Filmmakers and Producers
  • 100% Royalty Free
Supports Video Software

The Perfect Fusion of Sounds for Filmmakers and Music Producers

Expand Your Collection With 17.5 GB of Samples, Vocals and Construction Kits!

Demo Track 1

Everything You Need to Know

Versatile Cinematic Vocals - From Viking to Ethereal

Skyrealm covers a wide range of different cinematic vocal styles: No matter if you're looking for some female ethereal vocals, deep choirs or for some heavy viking voices, we got you covered! One of the great features of 'Skyrealm' is the 'Viking Vocal Builder', which contains a large amount of male vocals, chants, shouts and tones that you can blend, stack and process to create your own unique phrases.

Ethereal Vocals
Battle Cry
Chanting Monk
Grunts and Chants
Processed Battle Shout


We designed Skyrealm to be suitable for filmmakers as well as music producers. Filmmakers can use a total of 30 music tracks that are also splitted into their separate parts plus tons of individual sound and vocal effects. Music producers can use all these sounds as well: All tonal sounds are key-labeled, all loops are BPM-labeled. The construction kits include separate stems that can be dragged and dropped into your DAW or sampler of choice plus they contain all MIDI files.

Crossing of the Jade Sea
Forgotten Glory
Granular Ghostly Vocals
Bell Melody

16.8 GB of Content - 1,588 Files

This premium sound library includes a wide range of universal cinematic sounds: From beautiful vocals, pianos, strings, harps, flutes, guitars, horns, evolving pads, as well as dark moods and ambient textures. The huge amount of sounds lead to endless possibilities of inspiration and creativity.

Horn Blasts
Mood Piano
Ambient Bells
String Ensemble
Cinematic Impact

Construction Kits - Full Music and Single Sounds

What is a construction kit? A Skyrealm construction kit includes a full music track that is also splitted into its single parts. So, you can either use the full music track or just pick the sounds and samples that you would like to use in your movie or music production or recompose the whole track to your needs by just drag and dropping the included sound files into your project. Furthermore, we included lots of percussion and mood kits.

High Rock View
Dragon Mountain
Mood Kit: Traveller's Heart
Multiple Percussion Kits

Creating a Soundtrack with Construction Kits is Easy!

Our revolutionary construction kits are the easiest way to create your own soundtrack without any musical knowledge.
Use a Full Music Track

Tesseract contains 50 full music tracks that you can drag and drop into your project. Every track is mixed and mastered by professionals and ready to go. This bundle covers a wide range of different styles from calm ambient to dramatic action music.


Inside our construction kits every music track comes with its separate elements: All instruments, sound effects, drums and vocals are exported as single .wav files. Drag and drop each element in your project and create your own soundtrack. Furthermore, all sounds from each kit are in the same key and BPM and can be combined for endless possibilites.

What's Inside This Bundle?

Sound and Music Kits

  • 30 Construction Kits (60 - 130 BPM)
    With 890 STEMs, MIDI, Vocals and Mixed Demos
    Of Which 135 Are Acapellas / Vocal STEMs
  • 10 Atmospheric Mood Kits (60 - 120 BPM)
    With 98 STEMs and Mixed Demos
  • 20 Percussion Kits (80 - 150 BPM)
    With 140 STEMs and Mixed Loop

Viking Vocal Builder

  • 30 Battle Cries and Phrases (Wet & Dry)
  • 127 Grunts and Chants
  • 14 Rhythmic Vocal Loops (80 - 120 BPM)
  • 12 Snarls and Hums
  • 4 Vocal Sustains
  • 118 Syllables and Imaginary Words
  • 35 Yells

Bonus Samples

  • 31 Instrument Loops (Bells, Brass, Choir, Piano, Strings, Woodwind)
  • 10 Granular Vocal FX (60 - 70 BPM)
  • 60 Sound FX
  • 10 Musical One-Shots
  • 10 Vocal Lines
  • 10 Percussion Hits


  • Total Files: 1,630
  • Total Size: 17.5 GB

Skyrealm Will Help You Create Better Music, Films and Games...

Perfect for Composers, Filmmakers and Game Developers

One Time Payment - 100% Royalty Free

Use Precomposed Music or Customize Your Sound with Song Kits

Easy to Use: All Files are Key- & BPM-Labelled

Instant Download After Purchase

13.5+ Hours of Audio Material

17.5 GB of Samples, STEMs & MIDI

Attention: Time-Limited Discount


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What Our Customers Have to Say

Ghosthack is fantastic! What I love most about the packs is originality. Every sound you get is flawless, perfect and effective! The web is filled with millions of samples that sound the exact same. And if they sound boring, that means your project is going to sound boring. But with Ghosthack’s original and unique sounds, that transfers into your work and people can hear the difference!

Jake Frederick Olson, Film Composer and Sound Designer

I am a huge Ghosthack fan! I use their stuff quite extensively. For me, Ghosthack provide that initial inspiration and start of most of my projects. So I'll throw in some drum loops, I'll then use some of their one-shots and before I know it I got the foundation to what I'm going to do with the rest of my project. I will continue to use their products because the quality of them is superb and I think the value for money is just unsurpassed.

Rob Jeremiah, Music Producer and Songwriter

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Meet Our Team Members

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Rick - Sound Designer and Composer

Ghosthack Audio - Looking Out for Your Music Projects Since 2016

We are a small team working with sound designers, vocalists and session musicians around the globe to bring you affordable, yet high quality samples and plugin presets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sounds inside of the construction kits as well as the sample library are saved in 32bit 48kHz WAV format. They can be used in every video editing software, DAW or audio software of your liking.

The construction kits include melody MIDI files for each STEM for customization possibilities.

This sound library is 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial projects.

Skyrealm is designed to be useable for all kinds of filmmakers, video editors, music producers, composers, podcasters, game designers and anyone else looking for outstanding cinematic music tracks and sound effects.

Skyrealm can be used by amateurs, advanced persons and experts.

Construction kits consist of pre-composed music tracks that are available as a full mix and the seperated STEMs and MIDI.

You can drag and drop the finished music track or customize your sound using the STEMs. Use only a piano melody and ambience for landscape footage in a documentary, or create tension with orchestral instruments and drums. See a demo here.

There are no limits to your creativity!

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

Do you still have questions? Check our FAQ section here!