Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2

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Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2
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The Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2 Will Help You Make Creative & Memorable Music Tracks...

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Over 1,414 MIDI Files for Arpeggio, Bass, Chords, Keys & Melody

Includes 111MIDI Kits for Different Musical Themes

Check Out These 3 Mind-Blowing MIDI Construction Kits

Calm Kit [D Minor] - Full Mix
Emotional Kit [G Minor] - Full Mix
Pop Kit [G Major] - Full Mix
Calm Kit [D Minor] - Chords
Emotional Kit [G Minor] - Chords
Pop Kit [G Major] - Chords
Calm Kit [D Minor] - Melody
Emotional Kit [G Minor] - Melody
Pop Kit [G Major] - Melody
Calm Kit [D Minor] - Keys
Emotional Kit [G Minor] - Keys
Pop Kit [G Major] - Keys
Calm Kit [D Minor] - Arp
Emotional Kit [G Minor] - Arp
Pop Kit [G Major] - Arp
Calm Kit [D Minor] - Bass
Emotional Kit [G Minor] - Bass
Pop Kit [G Major] - Bass

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Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2 Bundle in FL Studio

The Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2 is the perfect collection if you...

  • need instant inspiration
  • struggle to write amazing melodies
  • are tired of never finishing your projects
  • want to avoid writer's block
  • want to create music like the pros without worrying about music theory
  • want to save a lot of money
  • want to make better music
  • want to speed up your workflow drastically
  • want to leave a huge impact on your listeners

Upgrade Your Music Productions With Outstanding Melodies Today

Introducing our Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2 - a collection of 111 unique construction kits and 1,414 MIDI files that will ignite your passion for music and fuel your creative expression. With each kit containing variations of arpeggios, basslines, chords, keys, and melodies, this bundle offers an unparalleled level of creative inspiration and endless musical possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner just starting out, this MIDI bundle will take your music production to the next level. Each kit is carefully crafted to provide you with the tools you need to build your own unique compositions, tailored to your personal style and vision. With a wide variety of elements to choose from, you'll be able to explore different combinations and experiment with new sounds, bringing your musical vision to life.

Our MIDI bundle is perfect for all genres of music, from EDM to classical, Pop to Hip-Hop. And with each kit containing multiple variations of each element, you'll have an unlimited array of possibilities to explore, refine, and perfect your musical creations.

The emotional depth and breadth of this bundle is astounding - from the heart-racing excitement to the overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude - this collection will leave you inspired and motivated to create music that is truly unique and meaningful. No matter if you're looking to enhance your skills, discover new melodies or simply indulge your passion for music, this MIDI bundle is a must-have for any musician or producer.

And to top it all off, each MIDI file is key-labeled and 100% royalty free to make this bundle not only easy to use but also cleared for use in your commercial projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the possibilities today and let your creativity run wild!

Total Files: 1,414

Total Kits: 111

Total Size: 537 KB

Professionally Created Melodies by Experts

The Bundle Includes the Following 3 Sound Packs:


MIDI Construction Kits Volume 2

Value: 49.95 €

...if you're stuck finding the melodies and chord progression to kick start your tracks, get inspired by our huge MIDI construction kits today!

Our team gave their best to create inspiring MIDI melodies, chord progressions, arpeggios, keys and basslines to jumpstart your next production project.

And the best thing is we bundled 419 MIDI files divided into 35 thematic construction kits: From epic to pop, dark, uplifting, dramatic, hip hop, atmospheric, inspiring, - simply every style and emotion you could imagine. And all key-labelled of course!

Drag and drop these files into your DAW of choice, they can be combined with everything. From sampler to virtual instruments and synthesizers. Perfect for inspiration and starting points to overcome writer's block.

All files are 100% royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects.

The pack contains pure .mid files, which can be used with any music software.


MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3

Value: 49.95 €
Demo Track 1

MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3 is here and it features over 420 MIDI clips across 38 different kits, delivering even more variety and depth than the incredibly popular volumes that preceded it. Each kit in the collection provides multiple melodies, arps and keys for you to use to build up around the bass and chord elements. It’s a great way to find quick inspiration and fastback the arrangement process, keeping you in a fluid state of sonic output.

Almost every theme explored in MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3 is presented in more than one song kit across multiple keys, making it easy to develop continuity over the course of time in a project.

From inspiring and dramatic to dreamy and floating, the scope of content included makes this a fantastic value for any level of production work. And weighing in at just 1.8MB, it’s inspiration that can travel anywhere with you. Grab it now and give your songwriting a quick boost!

MIDI Construction Kit Volume 4

MIDI Construction Kits Volume 4

Value: 49.95 €

Ever wish you had a really solid collection of MIDI that you could turn to when you need a little inspiration or direction, the same way you do with samples and presets? The Ghosthack MIDI Construction Kits Series is full of incredible melodies across a wide range of genres. We are proud to introduce MIDI Construction Kits Volume 4, another fantastic installment in this popular franchise!

Featuring 7 categories, 38 kits and 570 MIDI clips! Explore a sprawling collection of ideas for dramatic, calming, hopeful, inspiring, retrospective, pop and hip-hop genres. It has something for everyone! It’s a must-have addition for the production toolbox.

Expect to find a generous helping of arpeggios, bass lines, chords, keys and melodies to super charge your music-making process. And the best part is that every file in the series is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So no matter what sound you pair with the MIDI, there’s never any fear about rights or licensing. What you make is yours to keep!

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Here's How The Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2 Works

Step 1: Select Your Mood/Genre

Step 1: Select Your Mood/Genre

You have access to many genres and emotions in our Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2: Pop, Hip-Hop, Dramatic, Inspiring, Atmospheric, Emotional, Dark, & More. Every MIDI kit is key labeled.

Step 2: Select Your Instrument

Step 2: Select Your Instrument

Each MIDI construction kit offers you the following instruments: Arpeggio, bass, chords, keys & melody. Create interesting changes with variations amongst the instruments provided in the kits.

Step 3: Drag and Drop MIDI Files

Step 3: Drag and Drop MIDI Files

With one click, simply drag & drop MIDI to begin the creative process. You’ll have endless options with over 1,400 individual melodies and chord progressions.

Save 83% And Get This Amazing Bundle for Only 24€ Instead of 149 Today!

What's Inside This Bundle?

111 MIDI Construction Kits

  • 2 Atmospheric
  • 5 Calm
  • 9 Dark
  • 17 Dramatic
  • 3 Dreamy
  • 3 Emotional
  • 5 Epic
  • 2 Floating
  • 5 Hip-Hop
  • 6 Hopeful


  • 13 Inspiring
  • 1 Mysterious
  • 2 Melancholic
  • 26 Pop
  • 1 Positive
  • 1 Reflective
  • 4 Retrospective
  • 1 Sunset
  • 1 Transcendental
  • 4 Uplifting


  • Includes MIDI for: Arpeggio, Bass, Chords, Keys & Melody
  • File Format: MIDI
  • Total Kits: 111
  • Total Files: 1,414 Individual MIDI Files
  • Total Size: 537 KB

What Our Customers Have to Say

Recently I purchased some Ghosthack products and I really like it! I liked when I opened everything up how easy it was to use. Things are labeled by key and also the type of sound. It is super easy to work on. The quality of it sounds great and I’m definitely going to buy some more stuff soon!

Alan Damien, Music Producer and Songwriter

Ghosthack is fantastic! What I love most about the packs is originality. Every sound you get is flawless, perfect and effective! The web is filled with millions of samples that sound the exact same. And if they sound boring, that means your project is going to sound boring. But with Ghosthack’s original and unique sounds, that transfers into your work and people can hear the difference!

Jake Frederick Olson, Film Composer and Sound Designer

I am a huge Ghosthack fan! I use their stuff quite extensively. For me, Ghosthack provide that initial inspiration and start of most of my projects. So I'll throw in some drum loops, I'll then use some of their one-shots and before I know it I got the foundation to what I'm going to do with the rest of my project. I will continue to use their products because the quality of them is superb and I think the value for money is just unsurpassed.

Rob Jeremiah, Music Producer and Songwriter

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All three sound packs of Ultimate MIDI Bundle Volume 2 include MIDI files (.mid) which can be used in any DAW and sampler.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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